File Sharing and Collaboration

Cloud services are changing the way businesses operate and it’s not hard to see why more and more businesses are moving away from traditional file sharing methods and transitioning to the cloud.

Operational Flexibility

In essence, cloud services act as a central hub for all your files and databases, enabling your company to have streamlined access from anywhere in the word.  This gives your business the flexibility it needs to operate remotely and to easily share project documents with clients.

Significant Increase in Efficiency

With the advent of cloud services, you no longer need to wait until a coworker is done editing a document before you can work on it. Cloud services allows for multiple participants to be contributing to a document at the same time, encourages consistent communication between participants, and offers real-time tracking.

At Cornetics, we provide file-sharing services that work best for your business. We offer comprehensive consultations and insights into the latest and greatest in cloud-based technology. If you need a collaboration tool, we have a solution for you. Put our knowledge to work today.