Racks and Data Cabling

Cable management is a concept that is often mentioned when designing IT infrastructure but is rarely executed properly. Poor implementation of cabling best practices can lead to a dramatic increase in network errors and connectivity issues. In some cases, it could even create potential work hazards for your employees as well as diminish the professionalism of your business.

At Cornetics, we employ a consultation-based approach to data cabling, as each office space presents a different challenge in designing and installing IT infrastructure. Some cabling services we provide include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Wireless Network setup
  • AV System setup
  • Troubleshooting connection issues
  • Testing data center connections
  • Equipment (Cable) recommendations

Let us help you create a customized network cabling strategy today! Our team of cabling experts have years of experiencing installing infrastructure in complex layouts, so whether you just need a simple set up for your audio and visual equipment or an in-depth IT infrastructure roadmap we have the solution to meet your needs.