Wi-Fi Management

Wi-Fi Network Assessment

Much like our security offerings, we take a consultative approach to Wi-Fi Management. By performing a proper examination of your property, we can gain a better understanding of the project parameters. This helps us to create a comprehensive network plan that is tailored to your business and is optimized to be as cost-effective and reliable as possible.

Wi-Fi From Scratch

Need Wi-Fi installed at your business and not sure where to begin? Look no further. At Cornetics we will walk you along every step of the process ensuring you know what it is we’re doing and why. Our team of technicians have years of experience designing and installing Wi-Fi architecture and are more than capable of creating a set-up that provides high performance and enhanced security at an affordable price.

Professional Assessments & Optimization

Our technicians will conduct thorough assessments of your place of business and determine the viability of various Wi-Fi solutions. Though our goal is to optimize your performance, we would be more than happy to accommodate any requirements you might have, such as: additional access points, effective range and budget considerations.

Ongoing Network Maintenance

Depending on the size of your network, troubleshooting Wi-Fi Network issues may be a daunting task. Our ongoing network maintenance service is designed for a more proactive approach to potential problems. Our technicians will perform periodic site surveys to ensure the stability of your Wi-Fi and to document any changes in the WLAN environment that might cause problems in the future.