Microsoft Solutions

Cornetics is an official Microsoft Silver Partner, offering you world-class support on a range of IT technologies. Our primary area of focus is the transferal of essential systems into the cloud, through the integration of Office 365. Our cloud solutions are designed with your business in mind and are customized to your specifications.

Our Office 365 offerings include:

Migration to the Cloud

The process of transferring your essential systems to the cloud might seem intimidating, but we’ve developed a unique approach to migration that is simple and effective. Our technicians will guide you through the process which consist of

  • A comprehensive communication plan
  • Tutorials and training materials for your staff
  • Easy-to-Follow Guides

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a series of open cloud services that works to supplement technologies that you lack and complement the systems that you have. Azure operates as a data hub, providing SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) to your current system, ensuring that everything is fully-integrated and running smoothly. At Cornetics, our technicians know and understand Azure intimately, allowing us to utilize the service to its fullest potential and allowing you to reap the benefits.

Microsoft Azure is a capable tool and one that is necessary in taking your digital business to the next level. Plan a meeting with us today to find out how this flexible and comprehensive cloud service can help you create unique and innovative digital solutions that benefit your bottom line.


Sharepoint is exactly as its name suggests; it is a digital workplace that allows you and your team to access and share documents from anywhere in the world. With Microsoft Sharepoint, the cloud is your office enabling your teams to work on important projects simultaneously and allowing your business to be as flexible and effective as possible.

Exchange Online

With email being the primary method of communication for most businesses, it is imperative that it be as reliable, secure, and accessible as possible. With Exchange Online, your email is hosted on the cloud providing a new layer of protection for your information. Exchange Online also provides additional features such as data loss prevention, disaster recovery, and globally redundant servers. Ensuring that you will always have access to your email when you need it.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is one of the most popular collaboration tools in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. The ubiquitous nature of Skype for Business is based on three key features.

  • Simplicity. The intuitive nature of the UI design and the fact that it’s available on nearly every device makes setting up and attending meetings a breeze. The scheduling also allows for integration with other Microsoft applications such as the Outlook Calendar.
  • Useful and Relevant Functions. The features inherent to Skype for Business have been designed with the modern workplace in mind. Easy access to functions such as recording meetings, sharing screens, creating polls and built-in PowerPoint integration make Skype for Business an ideal collaboration tool.
  • Options for the Power User. While Skype for Business may have a simple and clean UI design, it also boasts advanced functionality for power users who want a little more control in their meetings. Features such as in-depth muting, transferring presenter privileges give you more flexibility when running collaborative meetings.