Procurement of Hardware and Software

Software License Management

Whether it’s accounting programs, image manipulation programs, or even just basic Microsoft Office, all modern businesses depend on functional software licenses to be effective. As this software piles up, keeping track of expiration dates, deciding what licenses to renew and at what price point quickly becomes an overwhelming burden. Even a simple task, such as upgrading a software license to a more premium version can turn out to be a very time-consuming and involved process.

With Cornetics’ Software license management services, we take pride in professionally organizing your library of software licenses, ensuring you always have access to the programs you need when you need it.

Some key benefits of our license management services include:

  • Customized product selections – Only pay for what you’re using
  • Feature Optimization – Eliminate feature redundancy
  • Centralized hub to access software across multiple workstations
  • Minimize risk of compliance issues
  • Comprehensive review of software expenditure
  • Industry Pricing from Vendors

IT Procurement

Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid rate and with hardware and software companies releasing frequent but minor incremental upgrades to their products it becomes difficult to discern what is right for you. This difficulty is further compounded by the fact that each piece of equipment needs to be individually evaluated based on metrics such as compatibility, performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness in order to properly future-proof your purchase.

Our procurement teams have extensive experience negotiating with vendors ensuring you get the latest discounts, promotional offers and insider rates. By leaving your IT procurement needs in our hands, you’re investing in a knowledgeable team of professionals who offer world-class end to end support across the entire procurement process.

Key features of our IT Procurement services include

  • Comprehensive evaluation of current systems.
  • Hardware and Software recommendations based on qualities that you choose, such as price or performance.
  • License and Warranty management
  • Vendor negotiation benefits

At Cornetics’ our procurement services revolve around optimization. We want to find the right equipment for your business to perform optimally while at the same time being conscious of the long-term value of equipment upgrades. Our ultimate goals are to improve your efficiency as a business, give you insight to the value of your IT assets, and to help you cut down on unnecessary costs.


Software Asset Management Services

An often-overlooked area of professional IT services is Asset Management. Asset management refers to the overall organization and optimization of IT assets, it means ensuring that you are utilizing each application or software to its fullest potential and removing any glaring inefficiencies. Mismanagement of IT assets can lead to significant costs from compliance penalties to overpaying for redundant software. It could also potentially expose your business and clients to security vulnerabilities.

Some key benefits of our Software Asset Management service include

  • Software Optimization (Only pay for what you are using)
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliancy
  • Removal of security vulnerabilities
  • Greater understanding of the scope of current software
  • Greater understanding of potential areas in need of upgrade

At Cornetics, our team of certified asset management specialists have the expertise to ensure that your company is well within compliance regulations and that you have easy access to all the tools you need to do your job.

Software Advisory

Attempting to find the right software for your business can be an infinitely challenging task. The amount of research that goes into finding the right product, with the right configuration and is compatible with your current setup can be staggering. By outsourcing your software purchasing decisions to us, you are employing a team of highly knowledgeable professionals with years of relevant industry experience. Our advisors will walk you through the entire process from outlining specifications to shortlisting recommendations to finally integrating the software into your system.

Key benefits of our Software Advisory service include

  • Saving your IT department time
  • Find the best software to meet organizational needs
  • Vendor Discounts
  • End-to-end support, ensuring the software is integrated seamlessly

Whether you are looking to add additional functionality to your system, or need an entire software overhaul, our team of industry specialists can design a cost-effective software package that will meet your business needs.


You will not be charged for the wrong product: If the product we supply does not work as intended, you will receive a full refund.

You receive special bid and/or wholesale pricing: Because we buy in such volume, spending millions of dollars each year in hardware, this buying power is transferred to our clients.

We have sources for hard-to-find items and parts: With our procurement team’s vast network we are often able to procure hard-to-find items and parts that others are either out of stock or unable to find.

Expertise in hardware and licensing requirements: Our experts will do the research needed to determine your hardware needs. We’ll go even further by guaranteeing that it is the right part for the job!

Warranty Returns & DOA processing: For faulty items, you can count on us to handle the warranty returns. Very often we’ll have the spare parts on hand to give you coverage while waiting for your replacements.

Asset Management: We will implement an asset tracking system for your hardware and software. This will be incorporated into your service plan so you will have an integrated lifecycle management and asset tracking solution.

Financing Options

Cornetics Ltd. offers financing from leading banks and financial institutions to help you get the financing you need to fulfil your technology requirements.

There are a number of tax advantages for businesses that own their hardware off the balance sheet. Cornetics Ltd. can discuss your situation and explain various end-of-term options before you select your package or bundle.