Web Hosting has become a ubiquitous service, as more and more companies are striving to compete online. Many business owners are gravitating towards larger providers on the basis of simplicity. These larger providers while convenient, simply don’t offer the same level of service you would get from a full-service IT company. By hosting your website with us, you’re getting a dedicated team that is focused on maximizing the performance of your website.

Some key features of our web hosting include:

  • High Bandwidth, that can handle even the sharpest spikes in web traffic
  • Complementary access to the latest support applications and software
  • Around the clock monitoring to ensure downtime (if any) is kept to a minimum
  • Proactive approach to protecting your site from online threats
  • Advanced safeguards to protect your data

An additional feature we offer is the implementation of a Secondary Domain Name System (DNS). A DNS is what allows users to connect to your website by translating your domain name into a valid IP address. If your DNS isn’t functioning properly you are essentially off the grid and your website cannot be viewed by anyone. By investing in a multiple DNS approach, you mitigate the risk of experiencing any downtime if your primary DNS is attacked or suffers any malfunction.